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WCC is a high-end wireless charging solution company and and accurate wireless charging coil manufacturer and exporter, aim to provide end customer find their suitable wireless charging devices and also support custom design help importers increase their market share and profit and Increase brand awareness.
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One stop company for Wireless Transmitter Coil, Wireless Receiver Coil, Wireless Charging Module


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How Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless  charging is based on Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic induction. In this, there are two coils- one coil produces varying magnetic field and seconds coil receives this varying field and induces current inside itself and this induced current is utilized in charging.

This answer has been made simple and clutter free to understand basic principle behind wireless charging.

How wireless charging works

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How Safe is Wireless Charging?

A question we frequently get is “How safe is wireless charging?” Many people who are exposed to the technology for the first time worry about harmful effects of radiation and the idea that power is buzzing around us.

5 Reasons Why Designers Are Speccing Wireless Charging in Office Projects

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Apple OFFICIALLY Joins the Wireless Power Movement

The iPhone revolutionized mobility 10 years ago, and is set to repeat history this year with the addition of wireless charging. News broke early this week that Apple has finally joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)…

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