Multi Coil Wireless Charging Solution

Multi Coil Wireless Charging Solution

Have you ever encountered a situation where you can’t charge your mobile phone if you have put it on the wireless charger, and you still need to play with it for several times before you can charge it properly? This is because the transmitter coil and receiver coil of the general wireless charger can be accurately aligned together, so that wireless charging can be carried out to ensure the maximum charging efficiency, so when the location is not correct, the device will automatically enter the protection mode and cannot be charged.

Multi-coil wireless fast charging solution solves the “pain point” of many wireless charging products. It can be charged when the mobile phone is placed in any position without alignment. It really achieves charging when it is placed.

In terms of the overall appearance design, the most important feature of the multi-coil wireless charging solution is that up to ten wireless charging coils are built in the wireless charging board, so there is no need to worry about the “alignment” problem.

Multi Coil Wireless Charging Solution

Secondly, the multi-coil wireless charging board can also support the common wireless fast charging, and can also support the wireless fast charging of multiple devices. It can provide 20W wireless charging power for each device, and the total output power is 60W.

In addition, the multi-coil wireless charging board can support three devices to charge, support one chip to charge more, and has three wireless charging circuits, corresponding to three step-down and three drive tubes, and the output of single device is 20W Max, and the output of three devices is 3 * 20W Max, and is compatible with the mainstream wireless charging devices in the market. For digital enthusiasts, you can also use it to charge the wearable device, and don’t worry about the wireless charger.

In terms of the Nissan life experience of the multi-coil wireless charging solution, 99% of the wireless chargers on the market are completely crushed, which is really convenient to use.

It is also necessary to have 6 intelligent protection multi-coil wireless charging solution, including over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, under-voltage protection, electrostatic protection and foreign matter detection.

Of course, the disadvantage is not that there are no, because there are as many as ten or even several wireless charging solution built in the multi-coil wireless charging board products, and the heating problem cannot be ignored. Generally, heat dissipation schemes such as metal bottom shell, soaking aluminum plate, graphite heat dissipation film and thermal conductive silica gel are required to make the product more stable in use. There is also the price. Because the “insane” add several times of inductance coils, the cost of the multi-coil wireless charging board is also much higher than the price of the general wireless charger, which dissuades many non-true love parties.

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